Core Technologies

Emogent has never wavered in its commitment to the shift from Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Humanistic Intelligence (H.I.).
The proposed concept, with "humanistic" at its core, underlines how a digital human shows its gestures, expressions, emotions and accentuates the humanity in a real-life interaction.

Core Products

Intelligent IRENE

Intelligent IRENE is a hyper-realistic intelligent human developed by Emogent as the first generation of human-machine interaction (HMI) product. An unique blend of Eastern and Western cultures, IRENE is endowed with rich expressions and interactions based on intelligent emotional computing, thus legitimately a new generation of digital human with intelligence, independent thinking, artistic culture and humanistic sentiments. As a digital human IP, Intelligent IRENE is emerging as an international star of staggering dimensions in the digital age, with stunning presence in brand endorsements, business events, and international forums.

Digital Human Platform

As an open intelligent interactive technology service platform, Emogent Digital Human Platform is designed to create an one-stop solution for enterprises. Relying on Intelligent IRENE, the platform offers a spectrum of AI services, such as speech recognition, speech synthesis, and semantic understanding; the avatars of the virtual and hyper-realistic digital human can be user-defined by customizing, for example, the hairstyles, apparel, accessories, and styles; the platform allows easy access via intelligently configured apps for Android, iOS, Windows, etc., hence interconnectivity between the platform and the configured terminal devices and the visible interaction with a digital human. This is how the platform facilitates the digital development and intelligent upgrading of enterprises.

Speech Animation Synthesis Platform

Enterprises are provided with a user-defined intelligent presenter, built with Text to Animation (TTA) synthesis technology, as well as speech synthesis, motion synthesis, intelligent graphics and other technologies. By inputting text on the platform, a lifelike digital human that has lip action, facial expressions and motion is generated to act as a presenter on a video. The platform supports custom backgrounds (e.g. pictures, videos, etc.) and easy setup of avatars of the virtual and hyper-realistic digital human, adapted to different scenarios such as storytelling, news broadcasting, and product presentations.